OPC UA using particle to connect to Azure

Hi All,

I have a client who asked if its possible to connect my particle device (Boron) to Azure using OPC UA and then connect to SAP, is that feasible? if so then how? please share with me any documentation you think it is useful to put my hand on this subject.

many thanks

@majj_11 ,

I don’t know if you can find a solution purely in software, but there is a hardware way.
Particle have a node for node red. Node-RED | Community | Particle

Insevis have an industrial IIoT gateway. S7-PLC from INSEVIS with numerous interfaces onboard which has node red and OPC UA inbuilt.

You could use the particle node in the Insevis gateway to call the particle API and via the inbuilt OPC UA connect to SAP.

Disclaimer, I have never done this, but there is no reason it should not work.
Hope it helps.

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Thank you very much, really great information, i will try that.

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