Which protocol is used in the azure integration?

Hi, I would be interested in which protocol is used by Particle to send the data to my azure IoT Hub? I couldn’t find anything in the docs.
Thank you!

You mean something like this?

I do understand how the integration works and the event gets send to the hub as a device-to-cloud message but do they mention any kind of protocol? MQTT? HTTP?
Sorry if I’m missing out of something

I’m sure @rickkas7 can speak with more authority about the subject I’d deduce from the info given here and the fact that Particle has no native support for MQTT or AMQP (that I know of) that the only option left is HTTPS.

Thanks, so the Particle.publish() method is also not MQTT based? I think I’m stuck a bit too deep in MQTT so I associate every publish with MQTT…

ScruffR is correct. When using the Particle Azure IoT Hub integration It’s CoAP to the Particle Cloud, then https to Azure. There is no built-in MQTT anywhere on Particle devices.


Thank you very much!