Not connecting non-secure wifi after udating firmware to version 0.7.0

Hi. after updating the firmware to versin 0.7.0 in my particle photon device, i can not connect to the non-secure wifi available at my university. how can i solve it? thanks

When you say non-secure WiFi, what are the settings?

2.4Ghz, WPA2 using a password?

Hi @kennethlimcp … sorry … i mean an unsecured wifi with no password required. after upgrading the firmware on my photon devices to 0.7.0, i have some problems to connect to the wifi network … i had to downgrade to version 0.6.3. thanks

I have a same issue. I have a customer with a wifi with no password (crazy, but it happens) and the photon will not connect. I use the softAP to set the wifi credentials.
I have confirmed the same situation using my home router - no password, no other logins required - wont connect to Particle.
System firmware is 0.7.0. I have not tested 0.6.3.

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geez. i know a number of my customers run without passwords…

I have the same problem the only way to get WiFi credentials to work is downgrade to 6.3. setup wifi the upgrade back to v0.8.0-rc.10 this has been that way for awhile.