No cores found!

Hey!! I have blackberry z10 mobile and i have installed spark apk file and i’mt able to connect the device to wifi though the spark is blinking green it is unable to connect and i am getting the popup as no cores found!! can anyone help in his regard of solving the issue.

It should be blinking blue if you want to use the Android app to connect to it.


Yeah!! i have done, initially it is blinking blue but while connecting with the wifi it changed from blue to green but it is ever lasting!! and in mobile it notified as “no cores found”,can you help in this regard!!

If you don’t mind using your laptop, it will be easier to setup it up. The wireless mobile app setup procedure does not work for all network environment :wink:

Is it an old Spark core?

Yeah!! its an old one.

Alright cool. Can you try installing particle-cli:

Mac - Tutorial: Particle-cli on Mac OSX [26 Sep 2015]
Win - Tutorial: Particle-cli on Windows [07 Jun 2015]

Yeah!!! did still the problem persists,it only blinks the green color.

Follow the instructions here: [Spark core] Common issues