NFC bidirectional communication

@will Are there any plans on the roadmap for bidirectional NFC communication? And if so, do you have any idea on the timeframe?

Let me elaborate my use case for this please…

I want to build a sensor solution where the sensor is build-up out of 2 parts (each containing a microcontroller):

  • the first part is the communication part to the cloud and has the power supply
  • the second part is a removable part that contains the sewing element and receives its power by induction from the first part

So we make sensor where the measuring part is replaceable so that calibration can be done off-line and no configuration has to be done by replacing the sensor since all configuration of communication is in the fist part.

Both parts can only communicate with each other on a very close range (so NFC for this) and we do not need to pair them so a bidirectional communication would be fantastic.

Te advantages are legio:

  • no connectors between both parts
  • offline calibration
  • no configuration of the sensing part
  • 2 completely sealed units (so both can be IP65)

Thanks for the feedback or any ideas on this,


There is a discussion about NFC Tag Type 4 being implemented some time in the future (without specific ETA) where you can chime in to keep the topic collected in one thread.
I’ll also move this thread into the respective/dedicated category (don’t mind the “confusing” cloud part in the category description - we hope that will be changed some time :wink: )

However, one thing is fix: Gen3 (without external NFC reader hardware) can only ever act as NFC Tag and not as NFC central/host as it hasn’t got the hardware to drive the tag’s power coil.


According to the thread you linked, unless Particle changed something drastic, the hardware does support it.

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@Mjones @ScruffR @peekay123 Which is great news! It means my set-up with the 2-part sensor could theoretically be implemented if particle implements this ability in their device OS!

Support what?
As I said Tag Type 4 is supported by the hardware and Particle is thinking about implementing it (sometime). But NFC central is not supported by the hardware.
And that's what I said in my post above.


I misunderstood, my apologies. I thought you were saying it didn’t support type 4 nfc.