Native NFC Support

@Jak, you are correct it seems! From a Nordic DevZone 2017 posting:

The nRF52832 and nRF52840 devices have a built-in NFC radio which can be used for exposing data as a dynamic NFC tag (a tag with configurable data). This can be used as a standard tag type for storing a web link or a text, to launch apps on smartphones and tablets as well as for simple and secure BLE pairing (read more here). All these features are provided by the Type 2 Tag library in the nRF5 SDK. Starting from version 12.2 of the nRF5 SDK, we expanded the NFC software to support even more features. The new Type 4 Tag library does not only allow faster communication and exposing more data in the tag, but also provides the write functionality. So you can write data to the tag with an NFC Reader/Writer such as a smartphone. Furthermore, NFC Type 4 Tag is used in many secure transactions systems, e.g., payment systems, transport ticketing systems etc. Thus, it opens up new markets for the nRF52 Series with its combined NFC and BLE functionallity.

I will ping Particle to see if implementing Type 4 support is on their radar.