New Photon stuck in SoS Mode

Hi all,

I just bought a new Photon and went to flash via USB. Almost immediately after plugging the board into my mac’s USB port the main chip got very hot and the device sat in SoS mode.

I was able put the device into DFU mode and run particle device doctor to reset but immediately after a reboot it goes back to SoS Mode.

A video of the LED mode is:

Is the unit dead or is something else going on?

How about taking the device out of the PCB?
How hot does which component on the Photon get?
What happens in Safe Mode?

The device is soldered to the board. So unable to remove.
Backstory - three boards were made, two use Electron’s and this one is a Photon.

The two Electron boards work perfectly, I just wanted to try the project over Wifi not cellular.

The chip that gets hot is the P0, I dont have the capacity to accurately measure the temperature but after 30 seconds of being plugged in its too hot to touch.

Unable to get the board into Safe mode, I can hold both buttons, release reset, the LED flash’s magenta and on release of the Setup button it goes back to flashing red.


My cheap guess here - due to limited options to exclude this from the list - would be that something went wrong in assembly.

Ok - Thanks for your help.
Did the video of the SoS Make any sense? I couldn’t figure out which error code the board is reporting

It is sending an SOS+1 (hard fault)