New PCB blink pattern, cyan blink to single yellow blink (repeats forever)

I just got a batch of new PCB’s from our supplier. The first two checked out fine, but the third I’m testing shows a LED blink pattern that I’ve never seen before: At the end I’m holding a piece of paper over the LED to better see the color.

I’m flashing it using CLI Version 1.31.0 on OSX. I use a standard setup script that feeds it wifi credentials and firmware. After getting credentials, the board tries to go online, but instead of going online it does a single yellow blink and then goes back to try finding a connection. Since the board never goes online, I cannot claim it. The board updates fine, it flashes fine but it just won’t go online.

The board runs through the “particle doctor” without any errors. I have not tried replacing the keys since CLI shows me a warning against replacing keys on a device that have never been claimed.

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I’d reset the keys. Since you have not claimed the device yet it’s safe to do it. That’s the most common reason for a pattern like that. A DNS problem could also cause that, but since the other boards worked keys are more likely.


Thanks! Resetting the keys worked. I guess the text displayed in CLI Doctor is outdated? Or is it valid in any other case?

That message is sort of correct. It was really the particle keys server part that needed to be done, and that’s always safe to use. The particle keys doctor DEVICE_ID step is the dangerous one if you do it to a device claimed to another account. But it is fine for a device claimed to your account, and doesn’t really do anything for a never-before-claimed device, so it was OK in your case.

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