New Particle hardware?


Not me, guess i am the sour puss out of the bunch here


Right, we’ve proven we are your loyalists here.


oh c’mon you are at least (at least!) smiling by now hehehe

Check when that is for your timezones guys.


You guys are making me smile for sure, Particle, not so much, more like aggravating the crap out of me.


Here comes @RWB with the cat…


Based on these replies I’m going to guess they will be releasing alot more than just these 3 modules maybe.


Hold up.


LOL, man i busted a gut with that one. I have coffee all over my shirt now because I was reading that while drinking and…well its just caught me off guard


Glad I could assist with your coffee spilling.


I better at least get a Particle T-Shirt for all this teasing.


Is there such a thing as yellow speculation?


Same :laughing:


Yeah, that’s this thread according to @seulater


Right on brother!


@peekay123 was right


I think it’s those guys saying all they can say without saying too much. They know what’s coming and they are trying to say the 3 modules are not the total truck load of stuff that will be released.

Plus Particle just got infused with a load of cash so they have the money to do some stuff.

A few hours and we will know :slight_smile:


I totally agree with the nothing that Zach said :crazy_face:


I can’t take the suspense, can I come over and hang out and share the fun


Enjoy Particle Responsibly