New Particle hardware?




yes, i have tried that. Currently I am using PlatformIO, which is not to bad. But its no Particle…


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They are online.

We need answers now! :laughing:


I also own a copy of they have support for the ESP32 & ESP8266 as well. This works very nice in VS.


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VS Code, however PlatformIO looks nice too


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PlatofrmIO has plugins for both. I like the interface for the ATOM version, but VS Code has many more features, but the interface plugin is horrid.


Can you at least tell us if these products will be released for sale tomorrow, or if they are teasers of new products to come?


Zach, throw us a bone here


What time do you guys plan on pushing the publish button for the new product line?

That way we know when to check in :slight_smile:


Here’s a link to the new product video:


Oh come on.

You put it in ticks and I still went to it.


Just plain cruel!!!


Not cool @zach, hilarious, but not cool haha



I agree with @Mjones, you can tell us at least that much.
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Sorry 'bout that :slight_smile:

But seriously, a bit of info: new products will go live at 6am pacific tomorrow.

Loving the speculation!


Can’t you give us speculators a sneak peek?


I’m pretty sure, we all are loving it too!
this is too much