New CLI (version 1.21.0) not able to set up Photon on Desktop

I just downloaded the new version of the CLI - version 1.21.0 and trying setting up a brand new Photon. And find that I go in this loop forever.
> Setup is easy! Let’s get started…
> It appears as though you are already logged in as
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! PROTIP: Hold the MODE/SETUP button on your device until it blinks blue!
! PROTIP: Please make sure you are connected to the internet.

> I have detected a Photon connected via USB.
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! The Photon supports secure Wi-Fi setup. We'll try that.

! PROTIP: Wireless setup of Photons works like a wizard!
! PROTIP: We will automagically change the Wi-Fi network to which your computer is connected.
! PROTIP: You will lose your connection to the internet periodically.

? Found "Photon-XV7F". Would you like to perform setup on this one now? Yes

! PROTIP: You will need to know the password for your Wi-Fi network (if any) to proceed.
! PROTIP: You can press ctrl + C to quit setup at any time.

> Obtained magical secure claim code.

! Woops. Something went wrong connecting to Photon-XV7F. Please manually re-connect to your Wi-Fi network.

What I eventually figured out is that I need to have my computer connected to a Wi-Fi router for this to work. This is not normal for me since I prefer using the Ethernet cable on my desktop rather than Wi-Fi. I don’t remember having trouble with this in the earlier version. Typically, I’d be asked if I wanted to scan for networks or enter one of my own. And I could do either and they’d both work. The new CLI makes it impossible for me to set up a Photon or for that matter set up a new Wi-Fi network for my Photons.

Making an assumption (with no fallback) about being connected to a Wi-Fi network, I don’t believe is a good thing.


particle serial wifi and particle device add [ID] should work.

Hi @Moors7, thank you. Yes, that works (and I’ve actually use it before as well).

However, I should mention that the documentation particle setup wifi does not make any mention of requiring a Wi-Fi connection on the computer being used. It mentions putting the Photon in listen mode, and that’s it. Which is why I got stumped.