New account just to post!?

Seems odd that I had to create an additional account just to post on this forum.

@verduga, your post doesn’t say much about what problems you had with your original account. You shouldn’t have to create a new account to post. What was your original account name?

My email address is my username for build/console. My Google Chrome auto-filled the credentials and failed. Also, my usual password is too short…so that’s why I suspect the requires an additional account.

@verduga, there had been talk of a single sign-in a long time ago but it hasn’t been implemented as the fine Particle folks are somewhat busy! Hence, the web IDE and Community accounts are not tied together.

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Ahh, I see. Thank you for the heads-up. Struggling to get through the Maker Kit Tutorials, as they are outdated (which is why I need to use the community). Being very busy is a nice problem to have :wink:

@verduga, don’t hesitate to post (in separate topics) for help on the tutorials.