Need microcontroller with P1 module for home automation?

I am planning to use the P1 module (and not Spark Core, to save on cost) and relays for turning appliances in a home on/off using the web (and later an app), would I need to hook P1 up to a microcontroller, or P1’s GPIOs could do that (looking at other topics, I think it can, just want to confirm this)? I have successfully done this using Arduino Yun (with its Wifi module), so am just looking for a cheaper way to achieve this.

The only issue with using the P1 directly is that it’s going to pretty much require a custom circuit board. If that doesn’t bother you then that’s fine. If you want something you can throw in a breadboard however I’d go after the Photon instead

@pkh, the P1 IS a microcontroller! Besides what @harrisonhjones pointed out, the P1 is a minimal production-ready version of the Photon. If you are using a Yun then the Photon is WAY smaller anyway :smile:

I can do a custom board to accommodate P1, other than that, do you think there could be any issues with using P1 (with relays) to do appliances automation on Wifi?

@pkh, there is a new Photon relay board that will be announced soon. It will be similar to the existing Core relay board but smaller. It has 4 relays and onboard power regulator so it is pretty well ready to go! The cool thing is it will be open source so you could take the board design and change it over to a P1. :smile:

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@peekay123 Would you be able to provide the price range for the new Photon relay board? Cost is my primary concern right now.

@pkh, I can’t really say before the official release but it will not be more than the existing relay shield (hopefully less!). :smiley:

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