Need help with webhooks! Phillips Hue + Particle Photon

Hello Particle Community,

I have recently purchased the starter Phillips Hue kit (White bulbs not colored) with the intention of controlling them via a Particle Photon. The point of this purchase was to upgrade/expand my current home automation system in which the photon is heavily centered. After very excitedly opening up the packaging and installing the system, configuring it with the app, and very happily turning lights on and off, I jumped right into research in how to do this. IFTTT is out of the question as it takes far to long in the case of lights (I tried) and I might as well open the app. I use IFTTT for certain parts of my house but this can’t be one of them. I’ve been avoiding webhooks as they seem very complicated, not to mention that I need the Particle CLI which also seemed over my head. However after sitting down for a solid afternoon, I figured out the CLI and got it working including the basic understandings of webhooks. (quite proud of that lol) The next part was the Hue API which after going through the website’s directions was able to connect and authorize my hue bridge with a “username” and got the IP address of the bridge. I am now able to control all the lights through a debugger available on their website using json. I then found this community post:

I attempted to replicate his project to expand for my own purposes but I am afraid I may be misunderstanding something about webhooks or json or many other things. Any help would be appreciated and I would love to elaborate on anything I need to or provide screenshots if it would help.

lampOff.json file:

    "event": "lampOff",
    "url": "http://BRIDGE_ADRESS/api/USER_NAME/lights/1/state",
    "requestType": "PUT",
    "json": {

      "on": false

*removed personal info and changed to BRIDGE_ADRESS and USER_NAME

Photon Firmware:

String value = "false";

void setup()

void loop()

  Particle.publish("lampOff", value, 60, PRIVATE);



P.S. This is a project I started for Spring Break and now as the break comes to an end I turn to the community in desperation for an answer. lol! Thanks in advance for the help, insight, or dialogue anyone can give me.