Need help with cloud visualisation and filtering of data

I am working on a project to have Electron devices fitted to vehicles and uploaded to the cloud. Then for various customers to be able to access their data and be able to view it in tables and filter the views etc.

So far I managed to get integration with Google cloud working and I also have both AWS account and Azure account but not sure what services would be “simpler” to set up.

For instance, is there a service that allows the data to be popped into a database and client records are extracted based on their customer ID into a subset of the main database and then some analytical tool used to analyse the data (produce trend tables/graphs etc).

At the moment, the application uses link from vehicle to Android, the Android uploads to internet portal (user manually reads data from vehicle and uploads), the data user data is then downloaded to a computer into a local db and we use Dev Express Winforms Grid component to display, analyse and report. They do have an version of this.

So, I want to avoid needing to use the Android and replace the Bluetooth link with Electron direct to the internet and users to access data online instead of copying to local computer.

Microsoft Power BI will allow you to display and sort the data into custom dashboards for your clients.

You would need to push the data into the Azure IOT Hub > Azure Stream Analytics > Azure Table Database > Power BI service for managing and displaying the data stored in the Azure Table Database.