Before I buy... Photon --> Cloud --> Azure Storage


I am currently working a project for my employer where I record up-time of a number of machines. Currently the data is going nowhere, just showing up on the console as an event. Now that I have begun to upscale I have been given the task of storing all that data for later use. Long story short, I have to use a completely web-based storage solution. Using Azure is my preference, the ability to use Power Bi to analyse the data right out of the database is a major plus, along with the “official particle integration” between the two.

I have read around a little and it seems like a “Table Storage” type database would be my best option. However, I am so new to this I am looking for any input this community may have on this subject. Mainly, would a “Table Store” be the best way to go with my needs, is there a better alternative out there that could still work with Power Bi, and really just anything you all would like to weight in about.

Thank you.