Amazon AWS IOT vs Microsoft Azure IOT

I came across a good paper that compares Amazon AWS ITO vs Microsoft Azure IOT and I figured I would share it on there for anybody else who will need to go down this road while creating the backend for their service or product.

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Thanks for sharing this, do you have a preference or use either?

I’m using Azure to receive webhooks sent from my Photons and Electrons via a Event Hub.

Then I use Azure Streaming Analytics Service to push the data from the Web hook into a Azure Table Database.

I then access this data using Microsoft Power BI dashboard service.

It works just fine but I wish the streaming analytics was cheaper.

Gotcha, well thanks for letting us all know about this! I definitely feel that others can benefit from reading this too.

Hey Ryan @RWB, I was trying to look into the pdf but it requires me to log in to a site I have no creds for.
Anyway, I as wondering, if you ever figured out, what options we have to do dashboards when we use AWS? Microsoft has PowerBI, and amazon has… this?