Need a library for HTTPS

Hello. I am working on a book about the Argon (hoping to change to the Photon 2 soon).
I have working code that made an HTTP request (using TCP sockets) to the API at BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) system in San Francisco.
The code no longer runs. I think BART may have changed from HTTP to HTTPS.
Question: Is there anyway to make HTTPS calls from the Argon (or Photon 2) ?
I am familiar with the HttpClient library. I am hoping for something like that to handle HTTPS.
Any advise would be appreciated.


Not that I am aware of. I developed a http download library for Photon and to manage security have adopted other techniques that reduce risk of using an insecure connection. This is OK to manage download of resource files. It also requires a dedicated http server (AWS EC2). It is possible that with the greater program space of the Photon 2 the extra code for https can be supported.

There is no library for https on the Argon/Photon 2. We recommend using webhook instead of doing it directly from the device.

There is a TLS/SSL library, TlsTcpClient from HiroTakaster that can be found in the community. It's the best library for doing that, but it's not a full HTTP client. It's just a replacement for TcpClient that uses TLS.

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Hi, for completeness only, there are a couple that come up in the libraries:

Ultimately, the way to go is webhooks.

Thanks much. I will switch to web hooks.

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