Argon connect to local Rest Api Node.js

Hello all, and @ScruffR @rickkas7

I 'm new with Particle and my question is:
Is it possible to use Http Client library on Argon to send data with POST Json to local https server based on Node.js ?

I can’t use Electron or Photon because we use BLE for local interconection with beacons.

If You have guys some example for Argon side, I will be gratefull!

Can I use this?

The code for connecting to a local server is the same for the Argon as for the Photon.

However, the problem you will run into in this case is that the HttpClient does not support https (TLS/SSL). It only supports unencrypted HTTP. If you can get by with unencrypted, then you can make requests directly to a node HTTP server (like Express), or any HTTP server, for that matter.