Can Argon be used as a local AP without being connected to cloud?

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Hi all,

I was wondering if Argon can be used as an access point to serve a local webpage without being necessarily connected to the Particle’s Cloud. A sample use case for this would be if I have a mesh out in the field where there is no WiFi and would want to view a dashboard with the collected data locally. Is that possible? I haven’t found anything in the documentation aside from that the Photon was able to do something like that.

Thank you in advance!


Nope, currently not.
While the Photon did support SoftAP mode and the Argon’s ESP32 WiFi module would have the capability too, that feature was not implemented.

An alternative approach to that would be taking a mobile device which is capable of providing a hotspot for the Argon which it would connect to.


@NiSt, after a gentle nudge from the always alert @nrobinson2000 (:+1:) another option might be of interest for your use-case.
With 1.3.0 and especially the recently released 1.4.0 you could also use BLE to communicate with your Argon (or any other Gen3 device).
You’d just need to register some BLE service that your mobile device can connect to in order to exchange data between the two.