HTTPS Request Library

Hi All,

My team and I are looking for an HTTPS library to use with our Electron.

We were using an HTTP client library that was buggy and ineffective and are now using webhooks. Due to the request limits (, we cannot continue with these as our use case scales and would prefer to use an existing HTTPS library or write our own.

Does anyone know of a working and reliable HTTPS request library or have any pointers on where to start if we were to write our own?


Thanks @Moors7. We actually tried that one and couldn’t get the examples to work but will use as reference. Also, since it uses matrixSSL, if any project using this library MUST be open sourced under the GPL license we won’t be able to use it directly.

IANAL but I’d confirm that if I were you:

Depends on your level of risk, really. The particle compiler is GNU GCC too.

Thanks @tedder!

I know this is a super old thread but I came across it looking for HTTPS resources. I’m not a lawyer either but from my days of working on open source at Microsoft I can say you almost certainly aren’t safe using GPL licensed things in your Particle code unless you want to be infected with the license and have to open source your project. If that doesn’t bother you then you’re good to go. The link above refers to linking in binaries which isn’t really an option in Particle land as almost always you are pulling in the source code and compiling it in as with the glowfish library.