Naming a core after manual (serial) claiming

Hi. I couldn’t get my core working over wifi with the app so I configured it using the serial connection and claiming it in the IDE.

It’s called no-name-core though, how do i name it!!



Hi @chrispyfur,

Although it’s possible to rename a core from the mobile apps, and directly through the API, that feature isn’t available yet through the web IDE. I’m happy to rename your core for you if you email me at in the meantime. Just email me from your username email account and the name you’d like for your core.


If you are comfortable with the command line.

curl -X PUT<device_id> -d access_token=<your_access_token> -d name=<new_name>


Hi, thanks for this, David set it for me but good to know you can do it with CURL too.

Now, onto my army of killer wireless sandwich droids…

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@chrispyfur Just an FYI that we pushed a change to the IDE that let’s you rename the core there rather than having to use the command line. Just click the core’s name and it becomes an editable field, hit enter and it saves.

Oh, also, “chrispyfur” is such an awesome username, currently chuckling about it, :smile: Hope your army of killer wireless sandwich droids is coming along nicely.