My Core times out within a minute [Solved]

Within a minute of connecting to the cloud, my Core times out. I can’t get variables, can’t do anything. It’s a replacement Core because my first has a faulty flash chip, and this faulty flash chip one stays connected to the cloud no problem. What should I do to troubleshoot it? I have the cli installed (only way to flash the bad Core), but this error happens when I flash through the regular IDE.

When you mean time-out, what are you testing against? An API call to the core function/variable?

You can attempt to patch the core with spark flash --usb deep_update_2014_06 to see if the situation improves.

If you provide more information of what you are doing, how are you testing the time out etc, it will be faster for us to determine the possible issue :wink:


When this happens to me it has always been a problem with my code. The code compiles and flashes, but then does something like enter an infinite-loop, or tries to access an unallocated space in memory, or something like I have an unsigned int data type that gets assigned a negative number at some point.

It sounds like this code on your previous core would work fine though? It may still be worth it to go over your code and look for small issues like this (since C++ doesn’t define how the system behaves under these fault states, you can get some pretty funky behaviors).


Code was indeed the culprit. Damn C++ callbacks. Hey Spark, Wiring JS, make it happen! :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks, @Elijah and @kennethlimcp.


Wiring JS eh? Sounds like a great idea! :slight_smile:

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