Mount the Mesh Devices Vertically

Can someone confirm this.

I have been testing distances with the Mesh devices, and today I came up with a reason to mount the devices vertically and got much better results than if I was using the external antennas, or how I normally lay the devices. I am doing outside, line of sight measurements.

With an Argon with a wifi antenna and a Xenon with out any antenna I got 600 m and it was still working, the path I was on took a slight curve so I stopped.

My blog about it is here

You mean as @ninjatill has suggested a week ago?


Wow, @ScruffR you are a hard one to please. @ninjatill post has very little to do with this. His post was about putting the 2 attached antenna orthogonal (at 90 degrees) to each other. My post is about maximizing the internal antenna.

My post to mount the Argon and Xenon vertically, if proved correct, helps both the Argon and Xenon. The xenon only has 1 internal antenna so you can’t put 1 antenna orthogonal to anything. His post is useful for if you mount the Argon vertically to remember to mount your Wifi antenna horizontally.