Modification of Hardware

I would want to know how I can modify The EtherSIM devices for a security Tracking Project .. any help? (officially)

Some more details are necessary:

  • What do you want to do?
  • Which device?
  • What modification do you want to make?

Thanks you for your reply ..

The device i would like to modify is the Boron device with EtherSim or and of the IoT devices with EtherSim you can recommend.?

The modification we would like to add is to add a physical panic button that can be used to send a location of the device to our backend so it can be tracked to its location .. this is the modification we would like ..

Once we can have that we will integrate our all other back end to your infrastructure... and then we lunch the product ..

The Boron does not know its own location. Using cellular geolocation it can determine the location of its serving cell, but this will typically give a 10000 meter radius of uncertainty. It also requires a 3rd-party service.

It is possible to add an external GNSS (GPS) unit, or use a Particle device that includes one, such as the Tracker. This can greatly improve accuracy, but GNSS does not work well indoors.

It is possible to use a combination of location technique as the Tracker does, including GNSS, Wi-Fi geolocation, and dead reckoning to get location information in varied locations.

Both the Boron and Tracker could easily be connected to an external panic button.

Note, however, that no Particle devices are rated for use as a wearable device, and also battery life and size will be a significant issue. There are also trade-offs between battery life and latency to transmission. Staying connected to the cellular tower makes transmission nearly instantaneous, but uses significant power. Waking the device on button press uses much less power, but could take from 10 to 60 seconds to connect to cellular and the cloud.

Thank you for the reply

FIRSTLY I really do appreciate the explanation which makes its very clear. So which particle device can fit into this, with the wake on button press to connect instantly.. 10 -60 secs. Us a good connection time in time of any challenge.... And will d device use EtherSim ? The idea is so it can connect to your two providers which are E series and Boron networks that can cover the whole of our Nation .. then any other 3rd party network ..
Once we can have one we can then discuss modalities and also partnership so that we can move to lunch the service full time