Tracking with 3rd gen devices (ARGON,BORON,XENON)

Can anyone help me understand how can i track my whereabouts of my devices?

Track it how? Can you please elaborate.

Locally you can use BLE beacon to find it with you phone within <100m.
Or you can use a VHF beacon for longer range <10km
Or you can use the Boron with a GPS/ GNSS chip for unlimited range.

Check out this thread for some discussion on various boards for GPS.

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What devices can be used to track scooters, would mesh, argon or boron + sensors work best for communication between smart stations and the scooters themselves?

You’d want GPS. Some form of local communication could be used between stations and mobile device. Mesh doesn’t quite allow that (yet?), but you could get something to work using the BLE functionality as well.