Boron tracking locations...?

I’m tired of messing with the Asset Tracker… pulling my hair out.

My question is can I use just the Boron to track the device with cellular instead of GPS? I’m looking to track the device on Blynk… toyed with it some with no success… if it’s not possible I figure I’ll save some time just asking the experts on here. Thanks

Nope, the ublox module used on Borons (currently) doesn’t support the required commands.

This has also been asked and answered before

Dang ok Thanks.

I also have an Electron… Does it have the ability to track just the Electron board?

If you have a 3G Electron then yes, for LTE I’m not sure but doubt it.

Yes I have a 3G electron… if it isn’t too much trouble… is there a library that I should use for that particular function? thanks

Have a look :wink:

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