Migrating from Beagle bone to E-Series

Hello forum,

We currently used a Beagle bone for our project and have written all our code based on it. Now we want to transition away from using a Beagle bone to the particle E-Series.

I am wondering if there is an easy option to make the transition to the E-Series with all the code written for the Beagleone without having to write all the code again.

I am open to working with a paid developer if there is a way out.


@iquita2005, welcome to the community! An answer to your question requires a lot more detail. For example:

  • Is your code written in C/C++?
  • Which cellular modem hardware are you using?
  • Are you using any RTOS features (threads, etc)?
  • Do you have a lot of external devices you are driving (sensors, relays, etc.)?
  • Do you require encrypted connections to transfer a large amounts of data to be sent to a server?

I assume you have done an analysis of the E-Series capabilities and how your existing functionality could be “transferred” to the E-Series. Is this correct?

Generally, I would say that you can’t transition your code as-is to the E-Series as they are substantially different platforms. However, porting the functionality and logic of your code may be relatively straight forward.


Hello Peekay123,

I owned the project but I am not technical. I have an outsourced developer that wrote all the code.
Yes, the code was written in C++
We used a Nimbelink cellular modem
I am not sure that we used any RTOS
The Beagle bone connects to a Timing Controller that drive an Eink dispay
The file we are working with is relatively small and is not currently encrypted

Yes, I have done a relatively small analysis of the E-Series. Our ultimate purpose is the use the yet to be released particle tracker SOM for our prototype. The tracker has most of the features we required for our project. Pending the delivery of the tracker, we wanted to start now to perform the migration away from the Beagle bone. I already have the E-Series with me.

I think being able to port the functionality and logic of the code to the E-Series can form the basis for us to build on the code.

Is this something you would like to undertake?


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