Arduino Pro Mini to Photon / Electron

I have a sketch written for an Arduino Pro and a SPI connected BLE module. I have the code running ‘well’ in the Arduino environment and I’d like to expand on some of the features. I have a Photon for further development and an Electron with an asset tracker V2 and the Particle cloud services for my final end state.

I’ve just started downloading the Atom environment and was wondering if my code built in the Arduino IDE will just transfer over to the Particle environment or will there major challenges needed or maybe just a library or 2 needs updating.

I’m trying to get a high level perspective on the amount of work needed to covert to the Particle environment

Chances are high that your code may run with no major tweaks. As long your project doesn’t tap into HW specifics of the Arduino µC you should be good.

But that’s about all we can say without knowing more about specific issues you may run into.

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@Phreaknes, ideally, you would change your arduino pin names to Particle pin names. Also, as @ScruffR pointed out, any use of hardware timers or direct writing to ports will not work on the Particle devices and will need to be ported.