Mesh process when cloud disconnects

RC27 has been a massive improvement. I am no longer getting panic,7 resets on my Boron and 2 Xenons. The Boron is running in auto mode, while the Xenons are in SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED);

That said, my Boron is losing cloud connection about once every hour. The good news is that the system is not restarting so nothing is lost. I doubt that cloud disconnects are due to network issues. While the project is in a rural setting, it is on a highway with an otherwise excellent cellular signal (I did not do any RSSI measurements though). So I am not sure why the Boron is losing connectivity?

I suspect that loss of cloud connectivity may be attributed to checking Particle Variables. Is this a valid hypothesis? Today (since 12:00 am) I only checked a couple of variables once and the Boron only lost cloud connectivity once since 12:00 am.

I have a couple of questions to the community:

  1. Does cloud connectivity loss affect mesh connectivity?

  2. When the cloud connectivity is lost, and while the Boron is attempting re-connection, is any data sent by the connected Mesh devices lost or do the Xenons re-attempt connection?