Using Mesh Connections to Boron with Boron only on cloud (not Xenons)

I have an application that will send data from several Xenons to an Argon/Boron. I have benefited earlier from recommendations by @ScruffR and code sent by @kennethlimcp.

In my application, I will be using the Xenons to send a lot of data which is aggregated and then sent by the Boron to the cloud. So I am trying to reduce data costs by only connecting the Boron to the cloud.

What is the correct way in code to setup the Xenons so that they are on the Mesh (BUT not on the cloud). I only want the Boron/Argon to be connect to the cloud …

Not sure if I understand your concern correctly.

When a Xenon is connected to the mesh and the mesh to the cloud, the Xenons are always indirectly connected to the cloud, but that does not incure any extra cost (unless you a going over 10 nodes in the mesh).
It will also not cause any extra cellular data traffic when the Xenons don’t initiate any cloud traffic. Inter-mesh communication doesn’t count against the cellular data quota.

Thank you @ScruffR.

I was concerned that maybe the Xenons send periodically some sort of heartbeat to the cloud. This was my concern so I am glad to hear that unless the Xenon specifically publishes, then no cloud data is consumed.

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I have noticed that when my Argon is connected to the cloud, and then I reset a Xenon, the Xenon does publish an “Online” event in the cloud console. Sleep modes haven’t been implemented yet, but once they do, you should manage the cloud connection on the Xenon better if you sleep it a lot. Can you validate that @ScruffR?

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Currently the planned behaviour isn’t clear to me either :flushed:
But, I’d think that it would be best if publishing online events would rather be an opt-in feature for non-gateways.
Since one of the intended modes of operation for Xenons is to sleep most the time, just wake up shortly, measure, report to the gateway and go back to sleep, the brief moment of being online would not be mostly of interest for the infrastructure (e.g. OTA delivery) and not necessarily for the user.

In my application, I cannot allow the Xenons to sleep because they are continuously collecting data. This data however, does not need to be sent immediately to the cloud. So, it is accumulated at the Boron, consolidated then sent to the cloud.

So, other than at the start of the Xenon, what is the frequency of sending heartbeats etc. to the cloud?

That’s a question I’d rather defer to @rickkas7