Max voltage to power photon via USB?

Hello, I have a 15V DC nest outdoor camera power adapter. Can I use this to safely power the particle photon? I don’t see anything in the documentation about it.

@CrewChief85 not directly. You would need a buck regulator to step the voltage down to 5v to power via Vin or 3.3v to directly power via the 3V3 pin. The 5V route to Vin is a good approach and give you the most flexibility with peripheral device power (5V from the regulator and 3.3V from the photon). Make sure your buck regulator can supply 1 Amp of current to power the Photon and peripherals.

What about via the micro USB?

@CrewChief85, the maximum voltage is still 5V but you can certainly power via the USB as well.

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Thanks, since that’s the case, I have the adafruit power shield that I will use. I was going to save it until I was ready to hook the project up on solar power. But, I guess this is a good enough reason. I appreciate the info, I saw the info regarding Vin and 3v3 in the datasheet, but I didn’t see anything about the max power for the micro USB.

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