Recommended Voltage for USB Charger

I want to charge my :particle: photon with 5v USB charger, but I can’t find recommended voltage requirements for USB charging. Can I use 5v charger without problem? :confused:

USB chargers should be just fine. You can find the tech specs over here:
Just make sure the charger provides enough current, >500mA.


The photon device can be powered with a 5v USB charger or power bank taking necessary precautions. If I understand you properly you mean to “power” the device not “charge” right?


PS, here is a link to the full Photon datasheet!


I have an Anker Astro. It will run the photon for two days until is at 50% power then the photon shuts down. I suspect that the problem is that the Anker Astro has some kind of detector on it that if it isn’t sending enough power it will shut it self off. The photon doesn’t take that much power so.

Either that or at 50% power it cant deliver enough power to keep the photon alive. However this doesn’t make much sense to me i cant see that being the problem.

Has anyone else noticed this? I agree in theory any 5v charger should work.

@LindaLawtonDk, from numerous other posts it is most likely the Astro that is shutting down for some reason. I have a power pack that won’t stay on since the Photon takes too little current!

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I have another weird one for you.

When i plug in the Astro it takes oh 30 seconds for it to boot, connect to wifi, and log on to the cloud. Last night i plugged it into a normal USB charger hooked to the wall. I swear 4 seconds the thing was up. blue , green, teal boom i am live.

I am rather new at this didn’t realize there was other posts I may search for them its weird. It sounds like a generic issue with the Astro then.

Don’t do that to us - we are mainly blokes who have a hard time naming more than five colors :sunglasses:
It took me a while to get used to this cyan business and now that?

But it would be interesting to know how the voltage of that Astro looks on powerup. Internal protection circuitry/firmware on both sides that might get confused by the respective other.

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Well unfortunately you are in trouble now i have found your forum and i have a photon you are stuck with me. Seeing as there are probably not many women interested in IoT. I suspect we might learn something from each other beyond true names of colors. Wonder if its closer to smaragdine actually. (Yes I Googled weird color names)

I am tempted to dissect my Astro to see whats up with its voltage. However i agree its probably an internal firmware thing.

Uuuhh, you make my head spin :wink:
But we can do with more women diving here and tickling our weak spots - I’ll learn a color a day from now on :joy:

Welcome in the most awesome (and loopy when it comes to some individuals) community!

Have you got an oszilloscope to look at the voltage during power up?

OMG are you telling me there is something else I need to buy now! Ok I will put that on my list as well. However i suspect one of the guys in the group i recently joined has one I will ask.

You don’t need it, but I live by the credo: “I’ll just get one, so that I’ll never have to blush saying: ‘No’, if a friend asks me, if have got this or that or the other.”

Sounds like my boyfriend will drills and saws out in the garage.

Whats the increase in nerd status for being able to say “I own a oszilloscope” Got to be up there.

Apologizes to thread owner for hijacking your topic.

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Yes, I mean powering photon not charging :smile: .

THANK YOU :sparkles:
I have 2A charger, so I have no problem with providing enough current.

Apologizes to thread owner for hijacking your topic.

NO problem :sweat_smile:

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