Input Amperage for Particle Photon

I have a 24V power supply that is rated at 2.1A output.

I’m using a LM2596 DC to DC Buck Converter 3.2V-40V to 2.5V-35V Power Supply Step Down Module stepped down to 3.3V.

I want to use this to power a particle photon, but I’m measuring 2.5 amps on the output of the module.

Is that too much amperage for the Particle to handle?

Thanks for any advice

@ipodsync, the current rating of a power supply indicates the maximum current that it can provide. Current is not “pushed” but “drawn” by a circuit. The Photon will only use what it needs. One word of caution. If you expect to supply the Photon power via the 3V3 pin, you cannot connect a powered USB connection at the same time. If you need to monitor the USB serial, the use a USB cable that doesn’t have power connections.