5v/12v Switching PS in Photon Project


I’m working on a project and I need 2 DC voltages, 5 and 12.

The power supply seems to be working fine but I cant power my Particle Photon. The light blinks blue and the device cant connect.

Is it possible at all to use a switching PS or do I need a linear one? Any thoughts on what could be happening?

Thanks y’all!!

@felipe1, more details on which power supply, the current capacity on each voltage and how you have your photon powered using this supply would be helpful. Where do you use the 12V supply?

Hi! Sorry about that.

It’s a dual voltage 5v - 100mA, 12v - 500mA. The 12 volts powers a relay module. But I haven’t connected both together yet.

Im powering the photon via Vin and Gnd pins.

@felipe1, 100ma to power the photon is not enough. With WiFi, you will need up to 500ma! Make sure it is a good quality and low noise.

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Thanks so much!

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