Manage WiFi Credentials

It would be useful for me. Scenario is - I want to lend a core to my friend to use for a couple of weeks without registering him to my core. I meet him for lunch, not at his house.

Scenario 1 : Use a router at home and fake his WiFi connection details at my house so when he takes it home it connects to his network. I have 10 cores, so it would be helpful to see which ones I configured to connect to what network in the past so I can flash the correct one.

Scenario 2 - use something like :

And give him the access point and the core for a couple of weeks, so its useful to see which access point is configured in which core. Its not that easy to make a core connect to the WiFi network you want (out of multiple available networks) to check if it connects.

If the Photon will include a simpler way to pass cores to friends then I guess it becomes less useful.