Looking for paid spark tutor

Hey All,
Is anyone here looking to make a little side money tutoring me in all things spark?
My only coding experience has been arduino so I feel comfortable(ish) in that part of the equation but very quickly get lost/overwhelmed in the tutorials while trying to do anything on the web/cloud side of things (creating websites or apps to interact with the spark core).
Looking forward to hearing back.

PS: Sorry–recognize this is an uncommon request, just don’t know where else to go for it…

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It’s actually not all that uncommon so don’t worry! I’ve seen several people interested in Spark “Advisers” of sorts. (Adviser sounds a bit more sophisticated than tutor but they essentially mean the same thing)

I’d love to help but I’m quite busy at the moment. Good luck with your search!

Be sure to check out some guides in the tutorial category, they’re really helpful! As far as web-programming goes, it’ll depend on which language you’re more comfortable with. HTML/CSS is sort of obligatory, but then you can choose out of a wide range of things: PHP, Python, Ruby, Javascript, etc. I’m personally going for Javascript since you can use it not only stand-alone in the browser, but with node.js on the server as well. That, together with the fact that I believe Node.js will get bigger in time, was enough of a reason to go with Javascript.
I’d suggest you start of easy. Don’t immediately try to do complicated connected projects, since that will be really though. First get comfortable with the programming language of your choosing, and build from there. The only way you’ll really learn it is by correcting the boatload of mistakes you’ll make.
If you get stuck somewhere, feel free to ask for help here, there are always people willing to help out :slight_smile: As far as that goes, this is the single most awesome community I know!
Good luck with your future endeavours, and do let us know how it worked out for you.


Also, if you have quick questions or need a walk-through and can’t find a formal tutor feel free to shoot me a PM. I’ll be happy to hop on skype or try to help you over email/pm.

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Not sure what your goal is but my suggestion would be to do a project learning approach. Decide on a simple project you want to do and literally build it. Do something simple like a temperature sensor to monitor your garage temperature. You can

Step 1) Program the Spark ( easy for you no question since you know arduino )
Step 2) Transmit the information to a cloud very easily ( ubidots.com )
Step 3) Use Spark Variables and publish directly to your own web server.

In my opinion if you do those three steps you will learn a ton and then you can get a tutor that really meets your needs.

Hey guys,
You’re all awesome.
I really appreciate all the help and openness from the community.
Looking forward to getting better at it all and being able to contribute as well.


Good luck and if you need specific help just ask.