Looking for an Expert Spark-Core Developer for fee

Are there any participants interested in helping develop an Internet enabled Spark-Core process, to update an e-paper signage, plus a few bells and whistles?

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Could you please describe your project in as much detail as you care to share, since that’ll make it easier for people to decide whether or not they can help you out?

Currently I have two separate shields from two companies loading content (image in C code) to two different size e-paper panels manufactured by the same company tethered to my PC via USB. One is driven by Arduino Uno and the Seed Small e-Paper shield and library they provided, second uses a image to code GUI to create a file that is loaded to their shield’s on board memory and is seen by my pc as an external drive. I want to use Spark-Core to severe the USB tether and refresh the old image with a new one, on event generated by our server. This means: In the Case of Seed Shield with Arduino Uno, uploading a new sketch with the new header code that represents the new image and the other Interface Device, erasing the old image file and writing a new one. The E-Paper Panel will have DC Power to feed the Spark-Core and the e-paper. Spark tech support has already advised me that it would be beneficial to compress before sending through WiFi and Internet and decompress the files when they get to Spark-Core to refresh the old display. If there is some interest I also have a few visual features that can indicate the state of the sign and allow users to simply interact “check-in” with the sign.