Any spark compatible e-paper or e-ink screens?

There are a very few topics on the forum talking about e-paper and e-ink. I want to know if there are any that for sure work with spark core, or can be easily made to work with minimal effort. The number of pins needed is not a factor in my search, although I suppose less is better.

Personally, I need one about 4 or 5 inches diagonal, but if you know of any others, please list them for future readers. Also, please give advice on how to get these things to work, or libraries you know of that may help.


Continuing the discussion from 2.7" E-Paper Display (Embedded Artists):

@damccull, I meant to port the library for the 2.7" display but just had no time to get to it. I’ll take another look to see if I can port it in a decent timeframe. As for a larger e-ink display, I have not been able to find anything bigger other than replacement Kindle displays for which I have no specs.

Sounds fair! I was hoping to use an eink display in the enchanted items contest but I may have to change my idea. What goes into porting a library?