Long Term Photon Connection Stability


I was using Automatic mode. I would just leave the device plugged in 24/7 and only send an update every few mins. That’s all.


We have about 120 photons running in 120 different gas stations in various states. Most of them have been deployed for about 2 years now. I would guess that about 100 of them have NEVER been touched and have gone through about 10 OTA firmware updates, power outages, internet service outages etc. and always have recovered. A few have been replaced due to OTA firmware update failures (about 4). There are about 15 devices that occasionally need to be reset (like once every 3 months). There are currently two locations where we are having to reboot the wifi router about every 3 days. Our stats would suggest this is some sort of environmental issue. These two locations that are having issues use have the same wifi routers as 60 of the other locations. The 60 locations have a standardized networking stack. The other locations we deal with many different routers and networking stacks which seem to be no problem.

An odd thing is that all of our connectivity issues have always been in New Mexico, and Nevada. I’m not sure if generally they have bad service down there which trickles down to re-connectivity issues to the wifi router? The devices in Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Montana, just never go down.

I know thats a lot of different numbers there but the gist of it is we are pretty successful and happy with the photons. Honestly we haven’t done a major update to the app for a long long time and we are very rarely in the code. We use semi-automatic mode and declare the use of an external antenna. I’m sure there are other good experiences out there.

// This #include statement was automatically added by the Spark IDE.
#include "HttpClient.h"

// This #include statement was automatically added by the Spark IDE.
#include "application.h"



// we will handle wifi manually

Thanks particle team!



@chipmonk, I think it’s possible that we may have seen this before. I do think there was one time (out of 120 devices over 2 years) where I had to have the customer re-enter the wifi credentials. The customer swore that credentials never changed but who knows?

Did you ever find the cause of that? Did you experience it again?