Local Webserver with SoftAP

I am currently working on a device, where I need a webserver which runs on the photon. I already found the Webduino Software and it works for my scenario: users open a website and manipulate variables on the photon itself.
But the device is supposed to be mobile with no wifi-router around and is used by people who have no understanding of the configuration of the photon. So the best user experience would be: the photon creates a local wifi hotspot, people can connect using their smartphones or laptops, opening any website would show the website from Webduino.

My question is: Is there currently any way to achieve this? My alternative would be to add a Raspberry Pi Zero, but I would love to achieve all this just using the photon.

The keyword for this is SoftAP which should be made available for application use in v0.5.0
If you can do a local build you can use the develop branch and have a go with the PR


Wow, thank you, that is really great work!
I will try out the local build and hope the offical release of v0.5.0 will follow soon.