Live microphone streaming (walkie talkie)


I would like to use Particles to stream audio from the mic live (or as close to as pos,) over the internet. I would then like to add graphs and things of the audio data.

I have started with some code I found:

This works perfectly and I am receiving sound files across FTP onto my laptop. Is there a way I can stream these live? I have explored this quite a bit on forums and found some posts but still unable to achieve this. Can anyone provide any assistance?

When you intend to “live” stream I’d replace TCP with UDP and shorten the sample buffer to introduce less latency. Other then that I don’t see much else is needed on the device side.
The “live” playback server will be quite different tho’ - but still not undoable IMO.

Thanks for your advice ScruffR. I will look into UDP instead of TCP. The server is what I’m struggling with as haven’t done much work with json etc so may take me a while as im a noob at all this.

I’ll look into it further and hopefully post my results. Want to get this working as quickly as possible.

I haven’t really looked very deep into this code but this might provide you with some pointers

Great. Thanks for having a look for me, really appreciate it.