Listening Mode Blue LEDs

I have a P0 module in some custom hardware which has many of the same elements of the photon including some RGB LEDs.

On version 0.5.x, when I call Wifi.listen(); I would get the blue LEDs to blink. However, after updating the particle firmware to version 0.6.x, the LEDs no longer blink blue automatically. Am I missing something? Or was there a change in expected behavior between version 0.5 and 0.6?

I’m not currently using system threading though I would like to eventually and still have the blinking blue indicator in that time.

Any thoughts on why it doesn’t seem to be working for me and where I should look?

What is the “new” LED state after the firmware upgrade to v0.6.x?

It was just off. I think I figured out that my program had taken control of the LEDs in setup. Starting in V0.6.x listening mode no longer overrides the user control of the LEDs. In our state machine, I now have some code that cedes LED control to the system during listening mode and then takes it back when we come out of it.

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