List of Consol cmd/functions

I’m trying to run some basic commands from the consol page ( and have a few questions regarding this:

  • Is there an extensive list of the different cmd that can be used? If so where is this? The only ones I could find are: {“cmd”:“get_loc”}, {“cmd”:“enter_shipping”}, {“cmd”:“reset”}
  • Can digital pins be toggled directly from there the cmd line on the page? If so, how?

Here’s a list of general commands supported on Tracker Edge. We don’t have anything that will toggle IO like tinker.

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Thanks for the info.

That’s unfortunate that the Tracker Edge is very limited in that way.

Is there any generic app that can be flashed to the tracker that would allow certain pins to be toggled from the console command line?

There is always Tinker but then you’d lose the features of Tracker Edge. BTW, Tracker Edge is a public repo and accepts public pull requests. You can add some commands yourself and if they are general purpose if can likely make it into the repo.

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Thanks for the suggestion.

Can the Tinker firmware be loaded directly onto the tracker from the Particle Web IDE or does it have to be flashed from the desktop app?

The web IDE should work.