Limitations On Particle Photon?

Good morning all. Been using the Photon for almost 5 days now (since I got it at a Hackathon) and I’m going to be using again at an upcoming Hackathon this weekend. I was wondering what limitations are on the device. I have never messed with a circuit board or anything at all similar to the Particle. I don’t know much about electrical engineering either, but hey I can use Google :smile:

Anyways, I wanted to know the feasibility of hooking the Photon up to my car stereo. I understand that there is a difference in volts, since the Photon can give off 3.3v. I guess I’d also like to know what other devices can be hooked up to the Photon (I need hack ideas).

This is my skill level with the device: Got two of them installed and running on my Mac and Windows OS (that’s an accomplishment in and of itself). I attached one with a PIR Motion Sensor and have it communicating to another Photon to make it mpve and sending push notifications to my phone when there is motion detected. The other Photon I attached 2 servos and 2 leds and put them inside a stuffed doll to make it look like a robot. I then created an online GUI to control the robot.

Help a brotha out!

Wow, what a broad question - not easy to answer in only one life :wink:

But for the native hardware questions you might like to look into the datasheet docs

And for the supported hardware you could start at the libraries view of Particle Build

Thank you for the resources. I figured it was badly written. I’m not very good with forums

That was not what I wanted to get across - it’s just such a vast field of possible answers.
You need to limit it for us to be of some assistance :wink:

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(potentially endless) Opportunities with Particle Photon?

…may be a more accurate/positive title, given the contents of your Post!

Limitations On Particle Photon?…seems to suggest that the Photon has some unexpected limitations for your needs.

Your car will likely have >12V supply with potentially higher spikes, but the internals of the stereo could well have 3V3 & 5V power rails available. The photon is powered off ~5V via USB and many pins are 5V tolerant. You should check the max voltage for powering the Photon directly, in the data sheet or by searching the forum & google.

Make sure to get the Photon into low power mode or OFF - to avoid draining the car battery when the car is parked.