Library RCSwitch

Good afternoon. I need to make a change related to the RCSwitch.h library as instructed in this post RCswitch complie error, however I need guidance on how to direct this correction

The best way is:

  • Use Particle Workbench (not Web IDE). If your project is in the Web IDE, you can use the Web IDE Export tool.
  • Use the Command Palette (Ctrl-Shift-P or Command-Shift-P) and Launch CLI
  • Issue the command:
particle library copy RCSwitch
  • Edit the file in the top level of your project and remove the dependencies line containing RCSwitch
  • Look in the lib directory in the top level of your project folder. There should be a RCSwitch directory in that that contains the library source, which you can edit.

If you follow these instructions you should be able to build your changed version with the cloud compiler or locally.

Good night friend and thank you for your attention.
I added the libraries via the CLI and it added normally without error. When I also ordered the CLI to compile, it gave the error posted below. If you can help thank you.