Library (FastLED) suddenly causing errors in 'Verify'

Using same version, 3.1.4, and haven’t altered code. Most errors do not even show any message. Seems like you guys need to fix Particle Build…

Just a few minutes ago 0.4.9 firmware version was activated on the build farms.
If you were building your code against 0.4.7 or latest (0.4.7) you might have to explicitly switch back to your previous version.

Yep, thanks that was it! A bit new here, didn’t realize the firmware would automatically switch.

It only switches if you are targeting latest (x.y.z).
If you want to stick with one version, you should use the explicit x.y.z target.

@IneffableMF, others have noticed this too and Particle has already suggested a workaround here

We’ve rolled back the change that cause this build error. Thanks for picking up on this and sorry for the confusion caused.

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