Forcing older firmware from Particle Dev desktop app?

Hi There, I have been hoping to use FastLED on my Photon. Following developments on [FastLED at GitHub][1] where user jasoncoon got it running when flashing from his local Particle Dev application.

I aped it and it was working great Mid-November but then one day my code starts going to S.O.S. after compiling warning “#5 usage fault”

The only thing I can figure is that something changed between 0.4.6 and 0.4.7 that broke it. Anyone got tips for forcing 0.4.6 from Particle Dev. I see how to do it via the online Build IDE but that doesn’t help…

Maybe the Photon Friendly fastLED library will get pushed to the web IDE soon, but timelines is timelines. FastLED is so much easier to work with then Adafruit’s Library… :confused:

Try this fork (which holds the followup version of the one on Web IDE)

It should get pushed online once the owner gets round to it :wink:

Thanks for the pointer, unfortunately though the code compiles when I flash is still end up with S.O.S. mode on photon and 5 blinks on the board . “#5 usage fault”

I’m probably being dense…