Sudden Particle DEV Cloud Compilation Issues

Overnight, without any code changes I can see, I get 20+ compilation errors complaining about base application features.

"class EEPROM has no member named ‘put’ "
“class USBSerial has no member named ‘printf’”

so on. Any idea what I may have done. I reverted back to 3 day old code that I know compiled and ran and it does the same.

Thanks much in advance.

This seems related to the 0.4.7 firmware selection issue others have complained about. I’m using DEV and cannot find firmware selection in the menus or command pallette. I guess I’ll just wait until Particle guys report they’ve fixed things.

I have exactly the same problem… and when I removed all of my EEPROM function calls I now get red SOS message. It looks like the EEPROM.update() function was also removed… I hope this gets fixed soon!

The problem was fixed by the Particle sometime during the day 12/16. I was able to limp along by pressing ‘compile in cloud’ multiple times until I happened to be assigned a server with a working firmware reference. I must complain that it is difficult to separate my own personal coding errors from Particle errors when I don’t know when Particle errors are introduced. It seems every experiment I do now should involve re-verifying my baseline before trying a new experiment. And even then I’ll have to occupy a significant part of my brain to keep up with Particle potential problems. Luckily my Particle activities are hobbies. If I were experiencing this at work I would be apoplectic. I feel for those Particle customers suffering this on a deadline.

Thinking about this a little more, I will re-verify my baseline after any extended time away from experimentation. So if I break overnight (when server changes are most likely) I should re-baseline. If I break for an hour, probably not.