Libraries 2.0 in Build IDE


As you might noticed the last part of the puzzle of Libraries 2.0 was the web IDE.
I’m happy to present the first beta just in time for weekend hacking:

What’s working

  • searching for libraries 2.0
  • viewing a library and its versions
  • including/excluding libraries from new apps
  • forking library examples

What’s not working/broken

  • old app migration (Included libraries section for pre 2.0 apps will be filled with empty X buttons)
  • tabs with the same name get glued together
  • when viewing a library from an app, Build crashes and needs to be refreshed
  • viewing a latest version of a library

Warning: this is running against production database! Using this Build might corrupt/break your existing apps. Please be careful on what apps you’re testing.

You might also find that Build runs a bit faster as we dropped the heavy backend endpoint that was making the whole app sluggish.

Let us know what you think and I’ll keep you posted about any progress being done here!


@suda, I was careful and only tested the working items.

  • The font for the library names is to large and I can’t see the whole name in many cases (this is an old beef).
  • Compilation is FAST!
  • Viewing the library and versions works but from my point of view, there is nothing different from the old version. It would still be nice to have the github readme file pop-up
  • Forking an example worked fine and so did compiling. Again, no change from previous except speed.
  • For some reason, whether from existing app or new app, when I tried to include a library, the library listing came up blank

    Closing the session and opening it up again did not resolve the problem. Clearing the cache did not help either. The only thing that fixed it was logging out and then back in again.



Logging out & in didn’t help for me, but searching for one does show results (try neopixel for example). I’m running Opera 41.0.2353.56 on Windows 10 if that makes a difference.


Hi all! Another Friday, another update! If you visit the canary Build you should see most of the bugs squashed amongst them are:

  • library list is now propagated with top libraries
  • legacy libraries are shown correctly in apps
  • issues with source/example tabs are gone

One last thing left is library migration! The UI is already there but it’s missing the logic. I’ll post here once it’s done. Have a good weekend!


I’m happy to announce that app library migration has landed in canary Build IDE! Once you view an app that is using legacy libraries, a wild “Migrate Libraries” button will appear allowing you to migrate to libraries 2.0. Let us know how it works and if you had any issues :slight_smile: